Aviation & Defense Insurance

What is Aviation & Defense insurance?

Aviation Products and Defense liability INSURANCE OPTIONS engineered for YOUR BUSINESS.

At Brownrigg Insurance, we offer coverage options for aviation manufacturers and engineering firms designed for specific needs within your industry. To go along with the core coverage options we offer, we will work with you to create a protection plan that is unique to your business. Avoid potential financial problems that may arise if you find yourself in a situation where your business is not properly covered.

What is aviation products liability?

Aviation Products Liability policies are designed to protect the policyholder or manufacturer, against third party legal liability arising from physical damage or bodily injury as a result of a manufacturing defect, malfunction, misuse or incorrect installation of a manufactured aviation product.

  • Airport premises liability coverage
  • Contractual Liability coverage
  • Non-owned aircraft insurance
  • Personal injury and advertising injury coverage
  • Grounding liability
  • Products liability limits up to $100 million for bodily injury and property damage.

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What’s at stake if I don’t have it?

Whether you are manufacturing a critical component or a decorative piece, if it’s on an aircraft or spacecraft, you may be required by contract to have Aviation Products Liability.

Who needs this?


Aviation Parts & Components

Equipment malfunctions

Aeronautical Design

Aircraft Modification

Aluminum Products

Equipment Manufacturing

Engineering Services

Ground Support Services

Jet Engine and Propulsion

Metal Fabrication

Tool & Die

Industrial Machinery

Repair & Maintenance

Measuring Instruments

Precision Parts


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