Export-import / Trade credit

What is Export-Import /
Trade credit Insurance?

Trade credit insurance may assist your clients in qualifying foreign accounts receivables in their borrowing base to access additional working capital. Our insurance carriers are committed to fully supporting the U.S. exporting community and small businesses.

We are appointed by our insurance carriers to assist companies in purchasing affordable trade credit insurance to protect foreign accounts receivable from non-payment. As an independent agency, we service the policy application process, endorsements, loss payee assignments with financial banks and lending institutions, export training, shipment reporting and claims management.

What does it cover?

Purchasing credit insurance will help you in the following areas:

  • Increasing sales by offering quality credit terms to your buyers and competing more effectively with foreign competitors.
  • Reducing business risk of nonpayment by foreign buyers and customers due to insolvency, bankruptcy, default, war, political violence, and money transfers.
  • Creating attractive finance options for your lender by using your foreign accounts receivable as additional collateral.

Multi-buyer Insurance Policy Rates:

Terms                   Rates

1-60 days             .65 per $100

$100,000 annual export sales  *  .65 per $100  =  $650 to insure the foreign accounts receivable.

Our firm offers Credit Agency Reporting and Due Diligence Services: All our credit reports are fully accepted by all major credit insurance firms and are updated by in-country representatives. The credit agency reports due diligence includes an executive summary, legal information along with bankruptcy of related companies, bank references, payment history, and details of company operations.

What's at stake if I don't have it?

Who needs this?

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What types of political and commercial risks are insured with Export-Import / Trade Credit policies?

Export-Import / Trade Credit Insurance policies provide coverage for nonpayment, late payments, customer bankruptcy, insolvency, default, political violence, currency inconvertibility and events outside the control of the buyer or seller.

What does an Export-import / Trade Credit policy cover?

Export-import / Trade Credit Insurance protects foreign account receivables against nonpayment for political and commercial risks.

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