Inland Marine Insurance

What is Inland
Marine Insurance?

Your products and equipment are the backbone of your success as a company. From transported goods and hauled equipment to storage items and even construction tools, it is important to keep your investments protected. With Inland Marine coverage, you can avoid damages sustained in the event of accidents, theft, vandalism, or total loss.

Since Inland Marine covers items outside of your standard Business Property Insurance policy, having additional coverage to keep your equipment insured off-site is critical. This coverage can also extend to protect your business’ goods or equipment when transported by ocean and air, also known as Ocean Marine.

What does it cover?

  • Transported Property
  • Computer Equipment and Data
  • Contractor’s Tools
  • Artwork
  • Buildings Under Construction

What's at stake if I don't have it?

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Who needs this?



Aviation Parts & Components


What does an Inland Marine policy cover?

Inland Marine Insurance is a type of Marine Insurance coverage designed for a wide range of specialized property.

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