Key Person (Key Man) Insurance

What is Key Person
(Key Man) Insurance?


Many companies have important key figures whose expertise and talents are crucial to maintaining profitable and productive business operations. From the savvy and influential executive to the creative thinker behind the company’s greatest ideas, Brownrigg Insurance knows that some talent is simply too difficult to replace.

What does it cover?

Key Person, or Key Men, Insurance provides financial support for business owners in the event that death or permanent disability results in the loss of an employee who is essential to business operations. This policy helps assure that business can continue as planned while you look for a suitable replacement. In addition, it affirms the importance of the talent that the Key Person brings to your business.

Several business benefits are built into your Key Person Insurance policy with Brownrigg Insurance, such as:

  • Coverage that acts as a business asset for enhancing your company’s creditworthiness
  • Cash value of the policy that may be available to your business as a loan if needed
  • A policy that can be converted to a retirement bonus for the key employee

At Brownrigg Insurance, our professional and knowledgeable insurance specialists are sensitive to your needs as a business owner and dedicated to providing all of your commercial insurance solutions. Talk to a representative today to learn more about what Key Person Life Insurance can do for your business.

What’s at stake if I don’t have it?

Who needs this?





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What is the purpose of Key Person Insurance?

Key Person Insurance provides a death benefit to the company if the owner or significant employee passes away.

Do I need key person insurance?

Key Person Insurance is typically required when obtaining a business loan or leveraging company investments.

What is key person insurance?

Key person insurance is a life insurance policy that a business purchases on the life of owners, executives and individuals critical to operations.

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