Ocean Cargo Insurance

What is Ocean
Cargo Insurance?

If your freight is damaged in transit, are you covered?

What does it cover?

It can cover the full invoice value of your cargo, and shipping costs depending on your carrier or freight forwarder's liability.

What's at stake if I don't have it?

Can you afford to go without an Ocean Marine (Cargo Insurance) policy?

The Open Cargo Insurance market has evolved to address the challenges for marine, air and ground transportation. It is important to have your ocean cargo policy evaluated considering that many freight forwarder's liability is a set dollar amount per pound, rather than the actual value of loss.

Who needs this?





What is the difference between Marine and Ocean Cargo Insurance?

There are many sub types of Marine Insurance. Marine applies to products being shipped by sea to their final destination. Ocean Cargo Insurance is a sub type of Marine and provides coverage for losses due to timing delay of a ship or an accident at sea.

How do I obtain Ocean Cargo Insurance?

How do I select an Ocean Cargo insurer?

All our insurance carriers are A rated, by AM Best and our team members have great claims management experience.

Why should I purchase Ocean Cargo Insurance?

Ocean Cargo Insurance is an excellent way to protect your goods and shipments while in transit by sea to their final destination. All shippers, importers and exporters should consider purchasing Ocean Cargo Insurance.

How much does Ocean Cargo Insurance cost?

Ocean Cargo Insurance is rated based on annual shipment values.

What does an Ocean Cargo policy cover?

Ocean Cargo Insurance provides coverage for goods while in transit by an ocean conveyance against physical damage and loss during their journey.

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